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About Me

Los Angeles, California, United States
Hi! I am currently a student at Art Center College of Design. I am in the Entertainment Design major. Please contact me for any freelance or job offers.

Quick B/W paintings


  1. hey i really like your environments. btw i noticed your portfolio site is a weebly. my website is actually weebly made too - ( it only cost me about 10-20 bucks to buy my own domain name and host my weebly website on a different name. not to sound like an advertisement, i used - and i got a great deal. really easy to do too.

  2. oh hey. i looked at your creature designs and i realized that you were in my creature design class with jerad at CDA. i thought your name looked familiar.

  3. oh cool! thanks for the info on the website.. I will totally use that. :D I looked at your website and i remember your work from the creature design class too. awesome work man!